Torches & Accessories
These torches are for glass beadmaking and borosilicate (Pyrex) use.
These torches use a mixture of propane and oxygen only.

Surface Mix Glass Torches

(For working soft glass or Borosilicate)

minor torch
Minor Burner
An excellent torch for bead making and small borosilicate work. You will be limited in the size of project you will be able to make when using borosilicate type of glass.   You will notice a huge difference if flame quality and control when upgrading from a propane only torch like the hothead.
List Price:$188
Our Low Price $169.00

Mega Minor Burner
An excellent torch for bead making and small borosilicate work. has slightly larger ports than the original Minor, so it produces a hotter flame while maintaining all of the original characteristics. This surface mix burner is great for making either beads, marbles or small sculptures in either soft or hard glass.
List Price: $239
Our Low Price: $199.00
no top torch surface mix bottom torch for bead making, pipe making, sculpture making, marble making, ornament making
Mid Range Torch
 The next step up from a minor burner.  This torch is a surface mix type of torch which means the gasses mix on the surface and not ahead of time.  This torch give you a larger flame than the minor burner but not to large for making beads. 
List Price: $299
Our Low Price: $269.00
Major Nortel
Major Burner
Surface Mix Top Mount Minor Burner combined
 with a Major Burner. Small Torch and Large when you need extra heat

List Price:$449
Our Low Price: $435.00

8m sm5
National 8M
with SM5 tip
This torch is a 8M which includes a SM5 type of tip. You can change this torch from a surface mix tip like the SM5 to a premix by buying an adapter and torch tip.  See below for additional tips and adapter.

List Price :$245
Our Low Price $232.00

8m sm7
National 8M
with SM7
This torch is a 8M which includes a SM7 type of tip. The SM7 tip is slightly larger than the SM5 tip and is a good standard size tip for beadmaking. You can change this torch from a surface mix tip like the SM5 or SM7 to a premix by buying an adapter and torch tip.  See below for additional tips and adapter.

List Price :$245
Our Low Price $232.00
set of surface 8m tips SM5
Item #1461

Item #1462
Item #1463

Pre Mix Glass Torches

These torches gases mix within the torch and creates a hotter flame which help reduce working time with borosilicate (Pyrex) type glass which includes Kimble, Pyrex, Simax, Momkas, Northstar, Alchemy, and Borstix

A Premix mix torch produces a hotter flame and may burn or bubble Moretti effetre COE 104 glass.

3ab 3bb picture
This is a National Torch with comes with barbed fitting for cut hose or a B type connection for threaded T-Grade welding hose.

National 3A-B
with barbed hose fittings

national 8m premix
This torch is a 8M with a premix adapter that allows an assortment of tips to be attached (see below for additional tips).  This torch setup includes the HTC1 which is good for small pipe, sculpture and marble making projects using borosilicate glass. 
Get the HTC3 setup for production pipe making and large size projects including jars and goblets.
National 8M
with PA1 adapter and HTC1 torch tip.

National 3B-B
with B style threaded hose fittings

National 8M
with PA1 adapter and HTC3 torch tip

This is a Major Burner with a premix top mount torch.  The top torch tip can be removed and other tips put in its place, see tips above.  This torch comes with one other extra size tip. 
Major Burner with Pre-Mix top mount burner

Red Rock Picture without Premix Mount
The newest of torches from Nortel Machinery.  This torch has a center surface mix fire and an outer flame which can be controlled independently from each other through 4 sets of gas control knobs. The torch is on a rack and pinion base so the angle of the torch can easily be adjusted.  This torch can be used with soft glass and hard glass.
Red Rocket Torch

Red Rocket with Premix Mount
This is the Red Rocket with a Premix torch mounted on the side of the torch which allows you to have a premix and a surface mix fire torch.  This allows a greater amount of versatility when using different types of glass.  It is nice to have a surface mix when working with more sensitive types of glass like dichroic glass or bright crayon colors that like to bubble. It is also nice to be able to have more concentrated heat when doing certain types of projects with borosilicate glass and helps speed up the process and reduce heating time. 
Red Rocket Torch  with Side Mounted Premix and set of gas controls. 
htm and htc tips
Torch tips compatible with the 8M with premix adapter or the 3AB or 3BB torches.  These Torch tips will also fit on the top mounted major premix torch (not surface mix).
Regulators - Oxygen and Propane .....$77 each.

High Quality American Made Fire Power Regulators that have 2 Gauges (one gauge for hose pressure and one for tank pressure) and are single stage. The Propane regulator is an acetylene regulator rated for propane.
Propane Regulator
Oxygen Regulator


T-Grade Hose SM
For use with a two gas torch that uses oxygen and propane. (Not needed for a HotHead Torch). Our hoses are double hoses, one for oxygen and one for propane. Torches are attached to the hose by pushing the cut end of a hose onto the torch inlets and securing with a hose clamp. The other end is attached to the regulators or flashback arrestors. Propane hose fittings are always left handed thread and is red; while oxygen is right handed and green, so there is never a mixup attaching hoses. CAUTION Do not use the easy to find oxygen/acetylene type hoses. The propane gas will rot them. The hoses we sell are made for all types of gas including propane. All hose endings have brass fittings and are female.
T-Grade Torch Hose 12 Foot

Length Approximately 12 Feet (3.7 Meters)

Female "B" fitting one side and cut end of hose other side - 1/4" diameter hose
T-Grade Torch Hose 25 Foot

Length: 25 ft (7.7 meters)

Female "B" fitting on both ends - 1/4" diameter hose


Spark lighter $3.50

Torch for Soft Glass Only used with Propane Only, Not oxygen tank required.
hothead torch
Hothead torch is to be used with Mapp gas or Propane Only.  No oxygen required.  You can only melt soft glass like the Moretti Effetre with this torch. 
Hot Head Torch- $45.00

hothead bottle holder
Bottle Holder to mount Hothead to Table.
Bottle Holder:

Combine the above items to create your setup.  Choose a work surface size bracket and bulk propane hose and your hothead to get up and running.
Item #1631
9"x12" Stainless Steel Worksurface

Item #1632
11"x17" Stainless Steel

Bracket #1622 to hold hothead for hooking up bulk propane hose.

5 Foot Bulk Propane Hose to attach Hothead to propane tank.

12 Foot Bulk Propane Hose to attach Hothead to propane tank