Holding Tools
for Glass blowing and Beadmaking

Tweezer Set of 2 Tweezers - Set of 2
8" and 10"
Tweezer Set of 3 Tweezers - Set of 3
8", 10" and 12"
Tweezer Set of 4 Tweezers - Set of 4
4", Different Ends
Tweezer Set of 6 Tweezers - Set of 6
5"-7", Different Ends

Holding Fingers
Grab a vase, marble, Christmas ornament or pipe by the ball end and spin. These quality finger holders will grab hot glass in a variety of ways. One handed adjustable with a screw lock.

Holding Fingers CF420 Made in China 10 to 70 mm $21

Stainless Steel Pliers

A general purpose stainless steel pliers for the flameworker. Long nose keeps your hand far from the flame. Serrated ends for better gripping or can make a ribbed texture in molten glass. Smooth spring action.

Stainless Steel Pliers AGF7SS
Stainless Steel Pliers
Rod Holder
Stainless Steel Rod Holder

A modified locking hemostat, will hold small pieces of rod so your fingers won't get too close to the flame.
As with any other tool DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY IN FLAME

Stainless Steel Rod Holder Rod Holder $18.00